Cannabis Was the Quiet Hero of 2020

Author: James M | | Categories: Cannabis , Cannabis Legalization


Americans may be divided, but its citizens agree on one thing: Life is better with cannabis.

For proof, look no further than our most recent election. On November 4th, citizens in four diverse states voted to legalize cannabis for adult use. These wins reflected the will of a vast spectrum of the American populace, from fiercely red South Dakota to deep blue New Jersey to newly purple Arizona. Not a single race was particularly close, and most saw cannabis win in a landslide. Those despairing about America's future may take solace knowing a leafy green thread runs throughout our country.


Changing Views

Of course, the idea that cannabis could be anything other than a polarizing issue would have been laughable just a few years ago. Many Americans still remember First Lady Nancy Reagan joining her husband on the White House sofa to offer a rare joint address to the nation. Her message then, as it remained for decades to come, was simple: ‘Just Say No to Drugs.’ For Nancy Reagan, there was “[no] middle ground.” When it came to drugs, America must be “unyielding… [and] inflexible.”

Thankfully, not everyone was convinced.



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