Seth Rogen on fighting cannabis stigma and why pot should be as accepted as beer

Author: James M | | Categories: Cannabis , Cannabis Legalization


When actor Seth Rogen was growing up and smoking cannabis in Vancouver, he recalls there was a constant cloud of shame around the substance that still lingers.

“I smoke weed all day and every day and have for 20 years … For me, it’s like glasses or shoes. It’s something I need to navigate my life,” Rogen, the star of comedic hits like “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express,” told The Canadian Press over a video call on Thursday.

“People have tried to make me feel shame about it over the years or have tried to make me seem like I’m weak or stupid for integrating it so completely into my life, but I’m almost 40 now, I’m married, I have a good job and I have just found that none of the stigmas I was told to be true are true.”

And yet, despite recreational cannabis being legalized in Canada two years ago, the stigma persists and the country has yet to do all it can to reverse it, he said. Rogen is determined to change that. He’s been pushing for the expungement of criminal records for cannabis crimes and — with childhood friend-turned-business-partner Evan Goldberg — bringing cannabis products to the masses, so using the substance can become as accepted as alcohol.

The duo just added a lemon-flavoured, cannabis-infused beverage to their line of Houseplant cannabis products made in partnership with Canopy Growth Corp. Their first beverage, released in May, was a grapefruit sparking water with 2.5 mg of sativa-dominant tetrahydrocannabinol, which has an uplifting impact on drinkers.