Pakistan Approves Industrial Cannabis and Hemp

Author: James M | | Categories: Cannabis

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Pakistan made a bold move when they decided to allow commercial, domestic, medical cannabis and hemp production within the nation. The hemp, at least for now, will be grown at an Herbal Medicine Park based in Jhelum. 

“Cabinet has approved the first license for @MinistryofST and PCSIR [Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research] for industrial and medical use of Hemp… [The] landmark decision will place Pakistan in billions of USD CBD market,” minister for science and technology Fawad Chaudhry announced on Twitter in an exciting update. 

This is a huge step for Pakistan, as this will help them enter the CBD market and become viable players in the hemp and non-THC industries and earn some of the much needed-income that the market generates. It took much deliberation between government departments to make this happen, but the hope is now that the industry will generate income for the community. The plan is to import specific cannabis seeds in order to grow CBD-containing cannabis that can be used for medical purposes.  


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