The Oddest Cannabis Laws And Regulations

Author: James M | | Categories: Cannabis

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The history of cannabis laws and regulations in the United States is a complicated, convoluted affair that has arguably only gotten more confusing as more and more states launch legal medical and recreational marijuana programs. The result can sometimes be, well, a bit odd.

The following is a short list of some of the stranger cannabis regulations currently on the books in the US. 

1. Don’t transport marijuana by boat in California 

Make sure not to run fowl of the law in California. (wiroklyngz/123rf)

California became the first state to legalize cannabis when the state approved a medical marijuana program in 1996. And while California is seen as one of the epicenters of legal cannabis in the US, it is also known for a litany of marijuana regulations and taxes. These include how you can actually move marijuana in the state. 

According to the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Requirements for the Transportation fo Cannabis Goods, it is illegal to transport any cannabis product by way of an aircraft, watercraft, drone, rail, human powered vehicle, or unmanned vehicle. 

`That’s right, it is illegal for cannabis businesses to transport marijuana by skateboard in California, or pretty much anything other than “inside of a vehicle or trailer” — and it cannot be visible from the outside. 


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